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The Influencing Machine

The Influencing Machine (2016) is a new work in progress that explores the intertwined realities of mystical experience, artificial intelligence and mental illness. Combining live animatronics, video and 3D animation, this performative installation is the culmination of a summer long residency at PRIM, Montreal. The […]


Pendulum was created for Hinterland, a 10 night event produced by NVA in the ruins of St Peter’s Seminary near Cardross. Considered one of the best examples of Modernist architecture in Scotland, the building has been abandoned for over 30 years but is now being […]


Making music with a Tesla Coil is a truly direct way of turning electricity into sound. XFRMR explores the possibilities of the Tesla Coil as an instrument in its own right in a composition inspired by the sounds of space weather and electromagnetic fields. Tour […]

The Eye

Robbie Thomson – Director / Designer Jack Wrigley – Director / Designer Emilia Weber – Direction, Robot Head Text Alan McKendrick – Simone Text Fabienne Collignon – Introductory Text Calum Rodger – Introductory Text With Selina Boyack as Simone Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 6th & 7th […]

In Her Shadows

Debbie Robbins – Aerialist and dancer Rachael Macintyre – Aerialist and puppeteer Robbie Thomson – AV, lighting and sound design Sarah Bebe Holmes – Aerial choreographer Ben Harrison – Director Performed at North Edinburgh Arts, 31st January 2014 I worked with aerial artists Debbie Robbins […]

The New Alps

Rusting embers of industry litter the slopes of the New Alps, an open air burial on eroded ground above the tailings of mineral extraction. Bauxite may have been refined here at one time, the vast red lagoon is hemmed by a concrete levee that forms […]

The Salon Project

I worked alongside Jack Wrigley as a sound designer on Untitled Project’s The Salon Project. In this production the audience members were dressed in period costume and immersed in the world of the 19th century Parisian Salon. Whilst reflecting on the past, the show encouraged […]

Ecstatic Arc

Photos by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan and Zeno Watson. Ecstatic Arc explores the sonic possibilities of the Tesla coil and uses the sounds of electromagnetic fields as source material for the composition. Sculpturally the work takes inspiration from the architecture of the power industry, aerospace engineering […]

Rhizome Plaza

  This project used a variety of environmental sensors to control the installation. Music, movement and light were generated from changes in the weather and audience members were able to add their presence by touching organic parts of the work to create sound. thanks to […]

Idimov and the Dancing Girl

Building on the kinetic orchestra from Inducer (a collaboration with Jack Wrigley and Sarah Milne), Idimov and the Dancing Girl featured a libretto written by Craig Bayne which told the epic story of Idimov, The Dancing Girl and Father. Manned by a band of masked […]

The Twa Corbie Craas of Auchtermuchty

Built in collaboration with Jack Wrigley for Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner by Untitled Projects, 2013 These animatronic birds are inspired by a section of ‘Confessions of a Justified Sinner’ in which the devil comes to trick the god fearing people of Auchtermuchty. […]

The Gloaming

The Gloaming is the transient light before and after dark when the sky is animated by a wash of amber and red. A yolky glow discharged into the upper atmosphere and reflected back upon the Earth. Dribbling down windowpanes, faces and into gleaming pools on […]

Buzz or Howl

This group show featured work by Calum Thom, Alan Stanners, Phil Lee, ACD Ferguson, Judd Brucke, Jack Wrigley, Rebecca Anson and Craig Bayne. More about the show on the 85A website