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GSA Events

During 2011 / 2012 I worked with ACD Ferguson as part of a visuals collaboration called ACIDRAFT. We produced work alongside promoter TAKTAL for end of term events at The Glasgow School of Art Student Union. Below is a selection of some of that work.

Bassline Circus 2014

LEDs and window lighting for 2014 Bassline Circus set at Fusion Festival. Visuals – Dav Bernard (Pointless AV) Lasers – Jack Wrigley (Jackalvision Lasers) Becky Anson – scenography and costume design lighting by Charlie Upton

Bassline Circus 2013

Fusion Festival and Boomtown I’ve been working for Bassline Circus since 2011 with an AV design team that includes video mapping by Pointless AV, a mind-melting laser show from Jackalvision Lasers, scenography and costume design from Becky Anson and lighting by Charlie Upton. Not to […]

Cone Stars

Lighting design project with ACD Ferguson as ACIDRAFT for T in the Park 2012. We were commissioned to build 6 lighting sculptures to be installed above the help points at T in the Park. Each star had 24 incandescent bulbs with programmable patterns and an […]

Cone Screen

As seen at venues such as… The Arches (Death Disco), Obihall (Florence), Fusion Festival (Germany), Boomtown Fair, The Glue Factory and The Art School, Glasgow. The cones featured on stage in the Bassline Circus tent in 2011 and 2012, video below: